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Eighth Annual International Conference on Coal Gasification, Liquefaction, and Conversion to Electricity - 1982

Dr. Alan J. Brainard

University of Pittsburgh

Table of Contents 116kb

Session I  - The New Climate for Synfuels Commercialization
Synthetic Fuels Corporation Progress to Date with Indications for the Future 120kb
Leonard Axelrod
Synthetic Fuels Corporation
Synfuels and Electricity from Coal: DOE's Refocus on R&D 221kb
Roger W.A. LeGassie, Acting Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy 
U.S. Department of Energy
How Industry Views the Climate for Major Synfuels Investment in the 80's 196kb
Jimmie R. Bowden
Conoco Chemicals Company
The Coal Supply Factor - Is It Largely Romance or a Solid Plus? 284kb
N.G. Wilson-Smith
Zinder-Neris, Inc.
The Bottom Line:  Can We Finance Major Synfuels Construction in the 80's? 227kb
Joseph, M. Schell
Kidder, Peabody & Company, Inc.
Session II - Gasification:  A Look at Progress in New Areas
Shell Coal Gasification Process 414kb
G. R. McCullough
Shell Development Company
M.J. van der Burgt and J. Walker
Shell Internationale Petroleum
Maatschappij B. V.
KBW:  Improvements on a Well Known Process 382kb
H.Z. Dokuzoguz
KBW Gasification Systems, Inc.
H.J. Michaels
Koppers Company, Inc.
P.B. Probert
The Babcock & Wilcox Company
The British Gas Slagging Gasifier - A Springboard into Synfuels 629kb
Raymond B. Sharman
John A. Lacey
James E. Scott
British Gas Corporation
Commercialization of the Texaco Coal Gasification Process 372kb
W. G. Schlinger
Texaco, Inc.
F. E. Guptill
Texaco Development Corporation
Recent Developments in High Pressure, Entrained Flow, Slagging Gasification of Coal:  Update of Bi-Gas Pilot Plant Operations 325kb
R. K. Young
Sterns-Roger Engineering Corporation
Fuel Oil Substitution by Enriched Medium BTU Gas Produced from Coal in Winkler Fluidized Gasifiers 387kb
Dr. F. Böegner
T. K. Subramaniam
Davy McKee Corporation
Session III - Coal Liquids:  Milestones Towards Commercialization
Coal Liquids:  Milestones Towards Commercialization 176kb
David T. Wade
Exxon Research & Engineering Company
Exxon Donor Solvent Coal Liquefaction Process ECLP Operating Experience II 621kb
S. J. Cohen
R. E. Payne
Exxon Company, USA
Coal Liquefaction Activities in West Germany 294kb
Rudolf Specks
Dr. Eckard Wolowski
Ruhrkohle OEL und Gas GmbH
Potential Synergisms Resulting From the Use of Methanol in Gasoline 427kb
G. McCurdy
Dr. L. Schieler
Dr. W. L. Hill
W. J. Utrera
Carson Associates
The NEPA Process and Direct Coal Liquefaction Constraint or Opportunity? 271kb
Martin L. Rogowsky
U.S. Department of Energy
SRC-II Product Applications - Recent Developments 394kb
J. Freel
D.M. Jackson
Solvent Refined Coal International
Session IV - New Technologies Related to Coal use and Conversion
Marketplace Economics and Coal Conversions 201kb
Robert L. Davies
U.S. Department of Energy
Electric Utility Criteria and Decisions:  Coal-Oil Mixtures, Coal-Oil-Water Mixtures and Selected Advanced Coal Systems 333kb
Robert E. Uhrig
Florida Power & Light Company
Experiences and Data of a German 7-Million LBS/Hour 500 MW Co-Generation System 472kb
Dipl. Ing. Karl Walter
Bayer AG
Application of the Toscoal Process to the Electric Utility Industry 446kb
Douglas H. Cortez
Christopher J. LaDelfa
Tosco Corporation
The Tennessee Valley Authority's Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion Program 416kb
Manville J. Mayfield
Tennessee Valley Authority
Session V - Progress for Commercialization - Case Histories on On Going Ventures
The Potential for Commercial Synthetic Fuels in the U.S. Energy Future 275kb
E.R. Corino, Manager
East Texas Synthetic Project
Exxon Company, U.S.A.
A Turn in the Road:  Eastman Chemicals From Coal 234kb
H.W. Coover
R.C. Hart
Tennessee Eastman Company
Financing A Synthetic Fuels Plant 127kb
James A. Harris
Walter R. Vogler
Koppers Company, Inc.
Commercialization Status - DOE Programs 236kb
Richard A. Passman
Marvin I Singer
U.S. Department of Energy
Session VI - Summing It Up - What Have We Actually Accomplished?
Synthetic Fuels From Coal - Our Moral Equivalent of War 96kb
Neal P. Cochran
Coal Synfuels
Synthetic Fuel Costs vs. Oil Price 398kb
Robert V. Jelinek
SUNY College of Environmental Science
David E. Gushee
Congressional Research Service
When Should You Build a Synthetic Fuel Plant? 309kb
Earl D. Oliver, A. James Moll
Synthetic Fuel Associates, Inc.
Synthetic Fuels:  Past Performance and Future Plans 193kb
Jerry McCleskey
Conoco Coal Development Company
The Synthetic Fuels Industry in Germany 1927-1945 310kb
Ernest E. Donath, Consultant
The Shape and Pace of the United States Synthetic Fuels Industry 214kb
Michael S. Koleda
National Council of Synthetic Fuels Production
Banquet Address
Outlook for Coal Synthetics:  Time for Reappraisal and Resolve 351kb
Dr. E.E. David, Jr.
Exxon Research and Engineering Company
List of Attendees 439kb