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Vision 21 Program Plan Clean Energy Plants for the 21st Century - 1999

Federal Energy Technology Center
Office of Fossil Energy
U.S. Department of Energy

In the pdf format this document has 36 pages and is 214kb.

 Table of Contents

Executive Summary




What is a "21st Century Energy Plant"?


Why "21st Century Energy Plants"? 2
Who will be involved in the Program? 3
When will development of "21st Century Energy Plants" begins? 3
How will the Program be developed? 4
Vision 21 planning process (Roadmap) 5
What is the end product of the Program in 2015? 5
Vision 21 Clean Energy Plants for the 21st Century 7
  Introduction - The Challenge 7
Vision 21 8
Objectives/Performance Targets for Vision 21 Plants 8
Other Characteristics of Vision 21 Plants 8
Rationale for a Vision 21 Program 9
Focus 10
Management Approach and Business Strategy 10
Program Elements 14
Status of Enabling and Supporting Technologies 15
Activities and Milestones 16
Appendix 29