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Synthetic Fuel Lubricity Evaluations

Frame, Edwin A.
Alvarez, Ruben A.

Southwest Research Institute

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Table of Contents

I. Background and Objective 1
II. Test Fuels 1
III. Fuel Lubricity Bench Tests 2
IV. Rotary Injection Pump Test Stand Evaluations 4
A. Rotary Pump Description 4
B. Rotary Injection Pump Test Procedure 6
C. Pump Test Stand 7
V. Rotary Pump Evaluations and Results 9
A. Test Fuels 9
B. Rotary Pump Tests 9
C. Rotary Pump Wear Measurements 24
VI. Fuel Injector Results 27
VII. Summary   31
A. Lubricity Bench Tests 31
B. Rotary Injection Pump Tests 31
C. Fuel Injector Condition 32
VIII. Conclusion 32
IX. Recommendations 33
X. References   35
Appendix A Test Strand Parameter Plots 35