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Assessing the Economic Impact of Indirect Liquefaction Process Improvements:
Volume 1, Development of the Integrated Indirect Liquefaction Model and Baseline Case - 1990

Gray, David
Tomlinson, Glen C.

Sandia National Labs.

Table of Contents 173kb

List of Figures vi
List of Tables vii
Section 1
Executive Summary viii
Introduction 1-1
Development of the Integrated Indirect Liquefaction System Model 2-1
  2.1  Introduction 2-1
2.2  Description of the Components of the Indirect Liquefaction Model 2-2
  2.2.1  Clean Synthesis Gas Production Section of the Model 2-4
2.2.2  The F-T Synthesis Section of the Model 2-7
2.2.3  The Refining Section of the Model 2-16
2.2.4  Waste Heat Recovery and Steam Generation 2-18
2.2.5  The Off-Sites Section of the Model 2-19
2.2.6  The Economic Section of the Model 2-23
2.2.7  Sensitivities That Can Be Investigated with the Model 2-24
Section 2

Investigation of the Baseline Case Using the Model 3-1
  3.1  Definition of the Baseline Case 3-1
3.2  Baseline Plant Mass and Energy Flows 3-3
3.3  Economics of the Baseline Case 3-5

Recommendations for Future Research and Development 4-1
References R-1