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Proceedings of the Workshop on Hydrogen Processing Mixing
 and Scale-Up Problems - December 13-15, 1978.

Garbor, J. D.,  Editor

Argonne National Laboratory

Table of Contents


Part 1, Pages 1 150, 6.12 MB

The Immediate Goals


DOE Objectives The Immediate Goals



M. Zlotnick*, U. S. Department of Energy

Fuel Cell Systems



R. D. Pierce*, Argonne National Laboratory

Current Status of Fuel Cell-Fuels Processing R&D



J. E. Young*, Argonne National Laboratory        

Fuel Handling and Dispersion Chairman - R. D. Pierce


Chemistry of Deposit Formation in Hydrocarbon Fuels



J. W. Frankenfeld* and W. F. Taylor, Exxon Research And Engineering Company


Spray Evaporation and Combustion Models:  A Review



G. M. Faeth*, The Pennsylvania State University

Carbon Formation in Flames:  An Overview



H.R. Palmer*, The Pennsylvania State University

Modeling Particulate Formation for the Analysis of Fuel Rich Operation in Practical Systems



R. B. Edelman*, Science Applications, Inc.

Turbulent Mixing Chairman - S. Goren


Fluid Mechanical Aspects of Turbulent Mixing



M. L. Finson*, Physical Sciences, Inc.

Mixing Chemical Reactions in a Mixing Environment:  Basic Considerations



G. K. Patterson*, University of Missouri-Rolla

Part 2, Pages 151 312, 5.55 MB


Modeling of Chemical Reactions in a Turbulent Flow:  A Review




K. Varma*, Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton, Inc.

Applications Chairman:  J. E. Young


Autothermal Reforming and Rockert Injector Mixing Technology



J. Houseman*, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Development of Scaling Methods for a Crude Oil Cracking Reactor Using Short Duration Test Techniques



J. D. Kearns, D. Milks, and G. R. Kamm*, Union Carbide Corporation

Smoke and Fixed Nitrogen Species in Laboratory Scale Oil Flame



W. Gerhold*, C. P. Fenimore, and P. K. Dederick, General Electric Company

Adiabatic Reforming of Distillate Fuels



J. A. S. Bett*, R. R. Lesieur, D. R. McVay, and H. J. Setzer, United Technologies Corporation, Power Systems Division


Thermal Generation of Hydrogen by Rich Partial Oxidation of Hydrocarbon Fuels



H. Lewis, Jr.*, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Final Discussion Chairman: M. Zlotnick