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Slurry Phase Iron Catalysts for Indirect Coal Liquefaction. Fifth Semi-Annual Progress Report Covering the Period from 7/5/97 - 1/4/98 - 1998

Tischer, Richard E.
Datye, Abhaya K.

U.S. Department of Energy - Federal Energy Technology Center
University of New Mexico - Department of Chemical & Nuclear Engineering

Table of Contents

Report 31kb

Executive Summary 3
Technical Objectives 3
  Task 1 3
Task 2 4
Task 3 4
Technical Progress 4
  Task 1 6
Task 2 6
Task 3 6
Acknowledgments 6
References 6
Figures 1286kb 7-13
Appendix A 126kb A.1
  Characterization of Slurry Phase Iron Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis A.1
  Abstract A.1
Introduction A.1
Experimental A.2
Results A.4
Summary A.14
Conclusions A.16
Acknowledgements A.17
References A.18
Figure Captions A.20
Tables 29kb A.22 - A.25
Figures 3109kb A.26 - A.42