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Engineering Development of Slurry Bubble Column Reactor (SBCR) Technology
Quarterly Report April 1 - June 30, 1997

Toseland, Bernard A.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Introduction 130kb pdf

Table of Contents

Washington University Research has 1 page and is 18kb

This section of the report is missing only the Table of Contents is available.

The following report from Washington University for the period April June 1997 is appended below.  It contains:


Objective for the Second Budget Year


Gas Holdup Distribution Measurements by Gamma Ray Tomography (CT) for the Air-Drakeoil System in an 18-in. Column with Internals


Axial Dispersion Model for Batch Liquid-Responses with Overshoots


One-Dimensional Modeling of Gas-Liquid Flow in Bubble Columns



Ohio State University Research has 11 pages and is 268kb

The following report from Ohio State University for the period April-June 1997 is provided below.  It contains:
Dynamic Gas Disengagement (Bed Collapse) Technique