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Hydrodynamic Models for Slurry Bubble Column Reactors.
Final Technical Report. Reporting Period: 06/01/94 - 06/01/97 - 1997

This report also includes the Quarterly Technical Report
for period: 01/01/97 - 03/31/97.

Gidaspow, Dimitri

Illinois Institute of Technology
Dept. of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Table of Contents 

Abstract ii
Executive Summary iii
Phase I: Experimental Studies 264kb 1
  A Comparison of a Kinetic Theory CFD Model for Gas-Liquid
-Solid Fluidization to Experiments with Glass Beads and
Methanol Catalyst by:  D. Gidaspow, M. Bahary,
M. R. Mostofi, U. K. Jayaswal


Part Hydrodynamic Model


Part Comparison to Experiment with Glass Beads in
Bubbly Coalesced Fluidization Regime
Part Granular Temperature and Reynolds Stress for
Methanol Catalyst
Conclusions 25
Nomenclature 26
Bibliography 28
Figures 1752kb
Phase II: Simulation 1669kb 55
  Hydrodynamic Simulation of Methanol Synthesis in
Gas-Liquid Slurry Bubble Column Reactor by Y. Wu,
D. Gidaspow
  Introduction 56
Hydrodynamic Model 57
Conclusions 66
Nomenclature 66
References 69
Figures 1115kb