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Synthesis of Dimethyl Ether and Alternative Fuels in the Liquid Phase from
Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas - 1992

Bhatt, Bharat L.

United States Department of Energy by
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1
Introduction 2
Objectives 4
Safety 4
Acknowledgments 4
Literature Review 4
Thermodynamics of DME Synthesis From Syngas 6
Experimental Techniques 6
Results and Discussion 14
  Catalyst Screening 14
  Initial Experiments 14
Catalyst Ratio Study 14
Comparison of Liquid Phase DME (LPDME) with the LPMEOH Process 16
Evaluation of Dehydration Catalysts 16
Evaluation of Methanol Catalysts 23
Addition of Shift Catalyst 25
Process Variable Study 25
  Shell Gas 25
Texaco Gas 28
Effect of Co2 Removal 31
Effect of Feed Composition 34
Effect of Water Addition 34
Reaction Model 37
Catalyst Activity Maintenance Study 37
  Life Run with Texaco Gas 37
Life Run with Shell Gas 43
Sedimentation Tests for Dehydration Catalyst 48
Catalyst Preparation for Laporte DME Run 49
Effect of Reduction Procedure on DME Synthesis 53
Cn/ZnO Crystallite Size Growth during DME Synthesis 53
Fuel Tests on DME/Methanol Mixtures 55
Summary and Conclusions 56
Future Plans 57
References 58