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Alternative Fuels Field Test Unit Support to Kingsport LPMeOHTM Demonstration Unit - December 1997-January 1998 - 1998

Air Products and Chemicals and
Eastman Chemical Company

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Table of Contents

Abstract 3
Acronyms and Definitions 5
Executive Summary 7


Introduction 9


Project Description 9


Process Description 10


Results and Discussion 11


AFFTU Deployment and Restart of LPMEOH Demonstration Unit - December 1997 12
  D.1.1 Equipment and Syngas Feeds 12
D.1.2 AFFTU Setup and Startup 14
D.1.3 Routine Operation 14


Gas Chromatograph Calibration 15
  D.2.1 Bulk Gas GC/Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) 16
D.2.2 Bulk Gas GC/Flame Ionization Detector (FID) 16
D.2.3 Poisons GC/Sulfur Chemoluminescence Detector (SCD) 16
D.2.4 Poisons GC/Electron Capture Detector (ECD) 17


Catalyst Activity 17
  D.3.1 Mass Balance Calculations 17
D.3.2 Methanol Catalyst Rate Constant 19


Catalyst Analyses 24
  D.4.1 Crystallite Size 24
D.4.2 Poisons Analysis 24


Conclusions 28


References 29
Appendices 30
  Appendix A - Simplified Process Flow Diagram - LPMEOH Demonstration Unit 30
Appendix B - AFFTU Flow Diagrams 31
Appendix C - Miscellaneous Trends 32
Appendix D - Photograph of Alternative Fuels Field Trailer Unit (AFFTU) 36