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Catalyst and Process Development for Synthesis Gas Conversion to Isobutylene.
Final Report. Contract Duration September 1, 1990 to January 31, 1994

Co-Principal Investigators
Anthony, Rayford, G.
Akgerman, Aydin
Project Team
Philip, Dr. C. V.
Erkey, Dr. CAn
Zhenatao, Jeffrey Feng
Postula, Walter S.
Wang, Jianhua

Texas A&M University

Table of Contents

  Extended Abstract


Table of Contents


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Section 1
I Introduction 1
  Isobutylene Synthesis 2
Reaction Mechanism 3
Zirconia Synthesis by Precipitation 5
Kinetics and Therymodynamics 6
Modeling 10
II Experimental 11
  Catalyst Preparation 11
Catalyst Characterization 13
Materials 13
Apparatus and Procedure 14
Section 2
III Results and Discussion 18
  Catalyst Characterization 18
Catalyst Activity and Selectivity 23
Equation Development for the Modeling of Carbon Monoxide Conversion (Fixed Bed) 43
Results of Modelingof Product Distribution (Fixed Bed) 48
Modeling of Slurry Reactors 49
Section 3
IV Conclusions 53
  Nomenclature 55
References 56
Appendix A Relationship Between wt% and Carbon Conversion 60
Appendix B Rate Equation Parameters, Surface Intermediates and Simplified Mechanisms 62
Section 4
Appendix C Publications, Converence Papers, and Presentations based on this work 77
Appendix D Tables 80
Section 5
Appendix E Figures 109