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Cooperative Research in Coal Liquefaction.
Final Report for period May 1, 1992 to April 30, 1993.

Huffman, Gerald P. (PI)

University of Kentucky

Table of Contents 179kb

Summary 691kb 1
Section 1 Task I Iron-Based Catalysts for Coal Liquefaction 9a
  I.1 Sulfate-Promoted Metal Oxides as Direct Coal Liquefaction Catalysts
(I. Wender, J. Tierney, G. Holder/UP)
I.2 Low Temperature Depolymerization and Liquefaction of Premium Coal Samples
(J. Shabtai, W. Zmierczak and X. Xiao/UU)
Section 2 I.3 Generic Structural Characterization and Liquefaction Research 33
  I.3.1 Generic Structural Characterization Research 33
I.3.2 Liquefaction of Low-Rank Coal Containing Cation-Exchanged Iron
(M. Mehdi Taghiei, F. E. Huggins, and G. Huffman/UK)
I.3.3 Development of Binary Ferrihydrite Catalysts for Direct Coal Liquefaction
(J. Zhao, G. P. Huffman/UK)
I.3.4 Coliquefaction of Coal and Plastic Wastes
(M. Mehdi Taghiei, F. E. Huggins, G. P. Huffman/UK)
Section 3 I.4 Metal Catalyst Dispersion and Coal Model Compound Studies
(E. Eyring, E. Orr and D. Sommerfeld/UU)
I.5 Novel Test Reactors for Coal Liquefaction
(Z. Liu, J. Zondlo, A. Stiller, D. Dadyburjor, A. Mulay/WVU)
Section 4 I.6 Ferric Sulfide as a Precursor for Coal Liquefaction and Surface Studies of Activity and Selectivity
(D. Dadyburjor, A. Stiller, J.Zondlo/WVU)
Section 5 I.7 Laser Pyrolysis Production of Nanoscale Catalysts for Coal Liquefaction
(P. C. Eklund/UK)
Section 6 I.8 Activity and Selectivity of Slurry Phase Iron-Based Catalysts for Model Systems
(C. Curtis/AU)
Task II Exploratory Research on Coal Conversion 141
  II.1 Coal Structure/Liquefaction Yield Correlation by Means of Advanced NMR Techniques
(R. J. Pugmire/UU)
Section 7  II.2 Microscase Simulation of High Pressure Thermal and Catalytic Conversion Processes in Coal and Waste Polymers with On-Line
(H. L. C. Meuzelaar, K. Liu, W. Du, E. Jakab/UU)
II.3 Catalytic Cracking, Hydrogenation and Liquefaction of Coals Under Mild Conditions
(M. S. Seehra, M. M. Ibrahim/WVU)
Section 8 II.4 ESR and ENDOR Investigation for Coal Liquefaction Under Mild Conditions
(J. Penn and N. Dalal/WVU)
II.5 XPS Studies of Raw, Cation Exchanged and Liquefied Cation Exchanged Lignite Coals
(J. Kim, S. K. Guha, P. J. Reucroft and M. Taghiei/UK)
Section 9 II.6 Computational Chemistry of Model Compounds and Direct Liquefaction Catalysts
(H. Ades and K. Subbaswamy/UK)
II.7 Chemical Characterization and Hydrogenation Reactions of Single Coal Particles
(A. Ray/UK)
Section 10 II.8 Deuterium Tracer Studies of the Mechanism of Thermal and Catalytic Reaction of 1-[4-(2-Phenylethyl)Benzyl] Naphthalene
(B. Shi, Y. Ji, and B. H. Davis/UK)
Section 11 II.9 Development of Advanced Methods for Coal Liquefaction Product Analysis
(D. Keely, R. Subramanian and E. Kugler/WVU)
Task III Novel Coal Liquefaction Concepts 259
  III.1 Bioprocessing of Coal
(D. Bhattacharyya, M. Murty, R. Kermode, M.I.H. Aleen, D. Schiehe/UK)
Section 12 III.2 Better Hydrogen Mass Transfer in Coal Liquefaction
(A. R. Tarrer, H. G. Sanjay/AU)
III.3 Direct Liquefaction of Coal to Clean Transportation Fuels; Optimization of Process Variables and Detailed Characterization of Products
(L. Anderson, W. Yuen and W. Tuntawiroon/UU)
Section 13 III.4 Design of Cost-Effective Waste-Management Systems for Coal- Liquefaction Processes
(Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi/AU)
Section 14 Task IV Novel Catalysts for Coal Liquefaction 327
  IV.1 Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Model Compunds in Relation to Coal Liquefaction
(I. Wender, J. Tierney, G. Holder/UP)
IV.2 Improved Catalysts for Coal Liquefaction and Co-Processing: New Initiative in Dispersed Slurry Phase Catalysis
(J. Guin, X. Zhan, R. Linhart/AU)