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Novel Experimental Studies for Coal Liquefaction.
Quarterly Progress Report, January 1, 1987 to March 31, 1987

Holder, Gerald D.
Tierney, John W.
Yatish T. Shah

University of Pittsburgh

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Table of Contents

Task 1: The use of Slurry Reactors for Indirect Coal Liquefaction


Scope of Work 5
Results and Highlights 5
Future Work 17
References Cited 17
Task 2: Coal Liquefaction Under Supercritical Conditions 18
Background 19
Diffusion Coefficient and Viscosity 24
Models for Flow System in a Packed Bed 27
The Ideal Plug Flow Model 27
Axial Dispersion in a Packed Bed 29
Mass-Transfer Coefficient from the Cell Model 34
Mass-Transfer Correlations 35
Natural Convection 36
Forced Convection 38
Combined Natural and Forced Convection 39
Experimental 43
Results and Plans 46
Preliminary Measurements 47
Bibliography 53