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Assessment of the Potential of Clean Fuels and Energy Technology - 1974

Hall, Elton
Choi, Paul
Kropp, Edward

Battelle Columbus Labs

Report (1 - 108, 4.63 MB)
Appendices (109 - 196, 2.44 MB)

Table of Contents

Conclusions 1
Recommendations of Technology Research Priorities 4
Introduction 8
Projected Total Emissions from Fuel Combustion in Stationary Sources 12
  Scenario 1.  Assumed Application of Energy Technologies, Preliminary Projection 13
Scenario 2.  Assumed No Application of Energy Technology 36
Scenario 3.  Modification Fuel Allocation Assumption 43
Estimation of the Impact of Projected Emissions on Ambient Air Quality 57
  Approach 57
Characteristics of the Indianapolis AQCR 57
Relative ambient Air Quality Contributions From Small Sources and Large Sources 58
Effects of Fuel Switching on Ambient Air Quality 62
Discussion of Results 67
Technology Assessment 71
  Approach 71
Assessment Criteria 71
Technology Evaluation 73
Technology Rating 79
Aggregation of Technology Ratings 89
Discussion of the Technology Assessment 92
Optimum Technology Utilization 95
References 98
Appendix A
  Data Tables for Selected Modules 100
Appendix B
  Calculation of Predicted Ambient Air Quality for the Indianapolis AQCR 173