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C1 Technical Reports Cooperative Research in C1 Chemistry
Previous Year's Annual Report from June 1, 1999 - April 30, 2000 - 2000

Huffman, G. P.

University of Kentucky

 Table of Contents


Introduction 31kb
2 Program Goals and First Year Accomplishments 52kb
3 Oxygenated Fischer-Tropsch Derived Diesel Fuel 105kb
4 Synthesis of Higher Carbon Ethers from Methanol and Olefins 217kb
5 Synthesis of Organic Carbonates as Possible Transportation Fuel Additives 120kb
6 Higher Alcohol Synthesis 73kb
7 Conversion of Synthesis Gas to Higher Ethers and Other Oxygenates 136kb
8 Hydroisomerization of Normal Hexadecane with Platinum-promoted 168kb
9 Tungstate-modified Zirconia Catalysts 137kb
10 Supercritical Fluids as an Alternative Reaction Medium for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis 153kb
11 Hydrogen production by hydrocarbon cracking Methane Reforming with Carbon Dioxide 144kb
12 Carbon Dioxide as an Oxidizing (Dehydrogenating) Agent 104kb
13 Analytical Characterization of Catalyst Structure and Product Distribution 164kb
14 Mössbauer and XAFS Investigation of C1 Catalysts 139kb
15 Diethyl carbonate (DEC) synthesize using the Pulse-quench reactor 123kb