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Cooperative Research in C1 Chemistry
Annual Report on Research Conducted from May 1, 2000 to April 30, 2001 - 2001

Huffman, G. P.

University of Kentucky

Table of Contents 108kb

1 Executive Summary/Abstract 121kb 4
2 Fuels and Chemicals Via Fischer-Tropsch 173kb 9
3 Hydrogenation of F-T Products and Polyolefins to Environmentally Clean High Cetane Diesel Fuels, Jet Fuels and Lube-based Oils 197kb 13
4 Supercritical Fluids as an Alternative Reaction Medium for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis 331kb 20
5 New and Improved Catalysts/Processes for Production of Ethylene, Propylene and other Light Olefins via C-1 Chemistry 244kb 25
6 Synthesis and Testing of Diethyl Carbonate as a Possible Diesel Fuel Additive 137kb 32
7 Higher Alcohol Synthesis from Methanol or Syngas 278kb 37
8 Production of Hydrogen and Carbon Nanotubes by Catalytic Decomposition of Methane 1952kb 42
9 Investigation of the Molecular Structure of Nanoscale, Binary Fe/M/Al2O3 catalysts by XAFS and Mössbauer Spectroscopy 214kb 48
10 Dry Reforming of Methane with Tungsten Carbide Catalyst 187kb 52
11 Analytical Characterization of Catalyst Structure and Product Distribution 169kb 59
12 Capabilities at the Diesel Engine Test Facility for Measuring Gas-Phase and Particulate Emissions 138kb 64