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Cooperative Research in C1 Chemistry
Six Month-Report on Research Conducted from May 1, 2000 to October 30, 2000 - 2000

Huffman, G. P.

University of Kentucky

In the pdf format this document has 59 pages and is 468kb

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Program Goals and First Year Accomplishments 5
Fuels and Chemicals Via Fischer-Tropsch 4
Hydrogenation of F-T Products and Polyolefins to Environmentally Clean High Cetane Diesel Fuels, Jet Fuels and Lube-based Oils 7
Dialkyl Carbonates from Alcohols and CO 13
Synthesis of Higher Carbon Ethers from Methanol and Olefins 17
Higher Alcohol Synthesis from Methanol or Syngas 20
Conversion of Synthesis Gas to Higher Ethers and Other Oxygenates 23
Supercritical Fluids as an Alternative Reaction Medium for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis 31
Reforming of Natural Gas with Carbon Dioxide 38
Hydrogen Production by Non-Oxidative Catalytic Decomposition of Methane 41
In Situ Catalyst Characterization by XAFS Spectroscopy 47
Diesel Engine Testing of Oxygenated Fuel Additives; Preliminary Test Results 49
Analytical Characterization of Catalyst Structure and Product Distribution 53