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Air Separation by Pressure Swing Adsorption Using Superior Adsorbents,
Final Technical Report - 2001

Yang, Ralph T.
Hutson, Nick D.
Zajic, Stefan C.
Rege, Salil U.

University of Michigan

In the pdf format this document has 191 pages and is 425kb.

Table of Contents

Disclaimer 3
Executive Summary 4

Chapter 1

Adsorption Properties and Structures of Pure Ag-Faujasites 7

Chapter 2

Mixed Ag-Li-X Zeolites and Their PSA Air Separation 48

Chapter 3

Structural Effects on Adsorption of Atmospheric Gases in Mixed Li, Ag-X Zeolite 87

Chapter 4

Effects of Residual Water on the Adsorption of Atmospheric Gases in Li-X Zeolite: Experiment and Simulation 130

Chapter 5

Synthesis and Characterization of the Sorption Properties of Oxygen-Binding Cobalt Complexes Immobilized in Nanoporous Materials 156
Conclusion 189