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Assessment of Research Needs for Advanced Heterogeneous Catalysts for Energy Applications.  Final Report: Volume 1, Executive Summary - 1994

Consultec Scientific, Inc.

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Table of Contents

Abstract i
Expert Panel ii
Executive Summary 1
Findings 4
Summary of Research Recommendations 5
Chapter Summaries 11

Volume II

Abstract i
Topic Chapters
1. Catalysis Overview
Jule A. Rabo
2. Catalyst Preparation: Design and Synthesis
Henry C. Foley
3. Chapter Characterization: Structure/Function
Gary L. Haller and Wolfgang M. H. Sachtler
4. Catalyst Performance Testing
Heinz Heinemann
5. Reaction Kinetics/Reactor Design
Jens Rostrup-Nielsen
6. Catalysis for Industrial Chemicals
George W. Parshall and James E. Lyons
7. Catalysis for Electricity Applications
G. Alexander Mills and Jens Rostrup-Nielsen
8. Catalysts for Control of Exhaust Emissions
Kenzi Tamaru and G. Alexander Mills
9. Catalysts for Liquid Transportation Fuels from Petroleum, Coal, Residual Oil, and Biomass
Russell R. Chianelli, James E. Lyons, and G. Alexander Mills
A Reviewers: Comments and Issues A.1
B Project Objectives and Methodology B.1
 C Glossary C.1