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Eighteenth Symposium on Energy Engineering Sciences. May 15-16, 2000.

Argonne National Library

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Table of Contents

Part 1

Technical Session I – Fracture Mechanics

An Overview of high temperature time dependant damage development



F. W. Brust (Battelle)

J. Oh and N. Katsube (Ohio State University)

R. Mohan (Rouge Steel)

Crack Patterns due to Residual Stress in thin Films



L. B. Freund (Brown University)

V. B. Shenoy (Indian Institute of Technology)

Observation of Cleavage fracture after substantial dimple rupture in ASTM A710 steel



W. G. Reuter and W. R. Lloyd

(Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory)

Technical Session II – Optical Diagnostics

Cavity ring-down spectroscopy as a Plasma Diagnostic:  Applications to diamond film growth



U. Lommatzsch, E. H. Wahl, C. H. Kruger, and R. N. Zare (Stanford University)

Light Scattering Measurements of thermal diffusivity for references standards



C. Muzny and R. Perkins (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Coherence and Synchronization in arrays of class B Lasers



Y. Braiman, G. Bitton, H. K. Liu, V. Protopopescu, L. Zhang, and J. Barhen (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Experimental Tests of Radiative Transfer incorporating statistical optics using blackbody sources



Y. Sun, R. Winston, and J. J. O’Gallagher (Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago) K. A. Snail (nail Research Laboratory)

Technical Session III – Thermofluid Transport Processes I

Lubricated Transport


Interfacial Wave Transitions in Liquid-Liquid Flows and Insight Into Flow Regime Transitions


Simulating Complex Dynamics in Intermediate and Large-Aspect-Ratio Convections Systems


Part 2  

Entrainment in High-Velocity, High-Temperature Plasma Jets


Film Cooling in a Pulsating Stream:  Recent Results for Laminar and Turbulent Wall Jet


Technical Session IV – Thermofluid Transport Processes II

Optimization of Heat Transfer Effectiveness in Heterogeneous Media



V. S. Travkin, I. Catton, and K. Hu (University of California, Los Angeles)

Use of Hot-Film Anemometry Technique in Horizontial bubbly two-phase flow



A. Iskandrani and G. Kojasoy (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Micro four-sensor probe method for interfacial area measurement and area transport equation



M. Ishii and S. Kim (Purdue University)

Theory of Subcooled Boiling



S. G. Bankoff and S. H. Davis (Northwestern University)

Complex Dynamics in Large Arrays of Fluid-Elastic Oscillators



F. C. Moon (Cornell University)

M. Kuroda (Mechanical Engineering Laboratory)

Technical Session V – Nonlinear Systems

Robust Forewarning of Dynamical Change from Single-Channel Scalp EEG Data



V. Protopopescu, L. M. Hively, and P. C. Gaily (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Energy Localization, Energy Propagation, and Thermal Resonance in Nonlinear Arrays


Part 3  

Natural Energy and Stress Focusing Phenomena



S. Putterman and R. Budakian (University of California, Los Angeles)

Instabilities and Defect Chaos in Models for Rotating Non-Boussinesq Convection



H. Riecke, B. Echebarria, V. Moroz, and F. Sain (Northwestern University)

Technical Session VI – Intelligent Machines

Complex Intelligent Machines



H. B. Smartt, C. R. Tolle, and K. L. Kenney

(Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory)

Learning and Adaptation in Multi-Robot Teams



L. E. Parker, C. Touzet, and D. Jung (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Information Fusion in Physical Systems using Physical Laws



N. S. V. Rao, D. B. Reister, and J. Barhen (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Technical Session VII – Micro and Nano Scale Processes

Integration of Nanosensors in Microstructures



L. Shi, G. Wu, and A. Majumdar (University of California, Berkeley)

Part 4

Generation of High Concentration Nanoparticles for Filtration Studies



D. R. Chen and D. Y. H. Pui (University of Minnesota)

Biophysical Directed Assembly of Nonostructures for Neurocomputing



J. C. Wells, L. Maya, K. Stevenson, T. G. Thundat, J. Barhen, Y. Braiman, and V. Protopopescu (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of Quantum Teleportation



L. Zhang, J. Barhen, and H. K. Liu (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Enzyme Adsoprtion and Function at Interfaces



L. G. Cascao-Pereira, C. J. Radke, and H. W. Blanch (University of California, Berkeley)

Metabolic Engineering of Biodegradable Plastic Production by Cyanobacteria: Model Studies in Synechocystis sp. PCC6803



G Troncher-Oldenburg and G. Stephanopoulos (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Final List of Participants