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The Potential Role of Technological Modifications and Alternative Fuels in
Alleviating Air Force Energy Problems - 1976

Gebman, J. R.
Stanley, W. L.
Weyant, J. P.
Mikolowsky, W. T.

Cover Page and Table of Contents 412kb

  Preface iii
Summary v
Acknowledgments xv
Figures xix
Tables xxi
Section 1


Introduction 1
    The Composition and Growth of Energy Consumption 1
Future Supplies of Crude Oil 3
A Perspective on Air Force Energy Consumption 4
Energy Problems for the Air Force 8
Energy roles for the Air Force 13
Organization of the Report 15


Short-Term Technological Modifications 16
  Propulsion System Modifications 16
Section 2
Aerodynamic Characteristics 21
Other Modifications 32


Alternative Jet Fuels 34
  Introduction 34
Energy Resources for Jet Fuels 35
Prospective Jet Fuels 39
Section 3
Fuel Production Processes 44
Observations 56
Comparison of Jet Fuel Alternatives Derived from Coal 57
Section 4
Uncertainties in the Evaluation 83
Research and Development Areas 86


Potential Benefits from Developing a Multifuel Propulsion Capability for Future Aircraft 90
  Introduction 90
Projection of Jet Fuel Costs 96
The Economic Benefit Realized by the Air Force 107
Section 5
Sensitivity to Other Scenarios 112
Marketplace "Price Pressures" 114
Observations 118


Conclusions 122
Section 6
Appendix:  U. S. Energy Resource Base 125
References 143