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Selectivity, Activity, and Metal-Support Interactions of RH Bumetallic Catalysts.
Final Technical Progress Report for January 15, 1985 to July 15, 1987

Haller, Gary L.

Yale University, New Haven

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Table of Contents



Introduction 4
Physical Characterization of Rh-Titania Interaction 5
  Comparison of Rh and Pt Interaction with Titania 8
Comparison of Rh/TiO2 and Rh/V2O3 Interaction 11
Silica Support Effect on Rn-Cn Interaction 12
Oxide-Oxide Interaction in Supported Oxides Studied by NMR 15
  Interaction of MoO3 with Al2O3 15
Interaction of SiO2 with Al2O3 17
References 19