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Study of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Through the Use of Surface Intermediate Scavengers.
Progress Report, August 1, 1982 to April 1, 1983

Ekerdt, John G.

Texas University at Austin

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Table of Contents

Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Research Accomplishments 6
  Scavenging Studies 6
Isosynthesis Studies 20
Publications Resulting from this Grant 31
References 32
Appendix I 34
The Conversion of Synthesis Gas Over Zirconia
by Mitchell A. Barker and John G. Ekerdt
Abstract 35
I Introduction 36
II Methods 37
III Results 39
  Products from Synthesis Gas 39
Reactions of 1-Butane 44
IV Discussion 45




List of Tables 49
List of Figures 55