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Mechanistic Studies of Carbon Monoxide Reduction. 
Progress Report for August 1, 1980 to August 1, 1981

Geoffroy, Gregory L.

Pennsylvania State University

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Table of Contents

I Research Objectives 2
II Introduction and Rationale 3
  A Metal Clusters as Models for the Metal Surface Catalyzed Reduction of Carbon Monoxide 5
B Homogeneous Reduction of Carbon Monoxide 12
C Homologation of Methanol with CO/H2 to Produce C2 Chemicals 17
III Progress 20
  A Stepwise Reduction of CO to CH4 on a Triosmium Cluster Face 20
B Conversion of Os3(CO)11(u-CH2) into H2Os3(CO)9-(CCO) - A Model for Chain Growth on a Metal Surface 27
C Structures of Tetra nuclear Fe-Ru Clusters as Models for CO Activation 29
D Reactions Directed Toward the Preparation of Acyl- and Alkyl-Substituted Clusters 32
E Fragmentation of Tetranuclear Mixed-Metal Clusters by Reaction with CO 33
IV References 35
V Publications Which have Acknowledged DOE Support 40
Appendix A: Preprint of Reference 56