TITLE: Reaktionstechnische Untersuchungen zur mikrobiellen Kohleentschwefelung in absatzweise und kontinuierlich betriebenen Suspensionsreaktoren. (Analysis of reaction parameters of the microbial coal desulfurization in a suspension reactor by batch or continuous operation)

AUTHOR: H.J. Hoene.

INST.  AUTHOR: Technische Univ. Berlin (Germany, F.R.). Fachbereich 10 - Verfahrenstechnik.


PUB.  TYPE: Technical Report

PUB.  COUNTRY: Germany Federal Republic

SOURCE: Other [$TFFIZ],  10 Feb 88,  199p.



The microbial coal desulfurization for the removal of finely distributed and disseminated iron pyrites from German bituminous coals by means of the suspension process was tested by batch operation in a quadratic bubble column. In this test the physical processes of the oxygen transport and of  the fluidization behavior of the coal particles in the reactor were analyzed. The pyrite distribution in the coal could be assessed by a geometric model approach of Andrews and Maczuga. For the analysis of the microbial depyritization of coal in a continuous process a seven-stage cascade reactor was developed, the flow behavior of which was characterized by residence time distribution measurements. As reaction technical parameters, the average residence time of the suspension, the pyrite concentration of the coal and the suspension density were varied.  The experimental analyzes can be described by a reaction kinetic approach according to the 'Shrinking Core' model. (orig./RB). (Copyright (c) 1989 by FIZ. Citation no. 89:082652.)