TITLE: New Process for Converting Methane. An Economic Evaluation.

AUTHOR: S. Halvorsen;   E. B. Ofstad.

INST.  AUTHOR: Sentralinstitutt for Industriell Forskning, Oslo (Norway).

LANGUAGE: Norwegian

PUB.  TYPE: Technical Report


SOURCE: Department of Energy [DEE],  Jan 85,  74p.



An economic evaluation of a possible process for direct conversion of methane to right boiling hydrocarbons is carried out. The process is based on catalytic conversion of methane in the presence of a coupling component. This component binds liberated hydrogen during the reaction and can later be regenerated by oxidation and recirculated. Two possible process alternatives are considered. The first alternative is based on an existing patent. The second alternative is based on the same patent but the use of a more active catalyst than in the patent is assumed. In the latter case the activity is chosen through relative careful optimistic consideration of the process possibilities. Economic information about this type of process has not been found in the literature. Profitability considerations for the two process alternatives is therefore based on fairly rough estimates of the investments and the operating costs. The results indicate that the alternative based on the patent hardly would be economically attractive. However, the more optimistic alternative may be economically interesting. A natural comparison between the two process alternatives with saturated gas based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis or Mobil MTG-process leads mainly to same conclutions regarding process economy as above. Based on these considerations we think it is a challenge to develop a better catalytic system for the methane conversion process. 7 appendices, 32 tables, 13 drawings, 28 references.(ERA citation 12:024680)