TITLE: Fuels Chemistry - A Mid-Century Perspective.

AUTHOR: M. A. Elliott;   H. R. Batchelder;   H. W. Nelson;   G. A. Mills.

INST.  AUTHOR: Battelle Memorial Inst., Columbus, OH.


PUB.  TYPE: Technical Report

PUB.  COUNTRY: United States

SOURCE: Other [BMI],  Nov 74,  70p.


This report is a reprint of three review papers on fuel chemistry which were presented at the American Chemical Society meeting on September 8, 1974. The first paper reviews the pre-World War II years, 1924 to 1940, which have been categorized as the flowering era of fuel science and technology. The second paper reviews the next two decades - 1940 to 1960, during which time there was a rapid build-up in synthetic fuels research.  With the increase in world reserves of crude oil, synthetic fuels research efforts were greatly reduced after 1953, and by 1960, research in fuels chemistry focussed on most of the same fields as in 1940. The final paper reviews the period of 1961-1974 and describes the changing fuel supply and use patterns in the United States. Research and development relating to the energy sources of petroleum, tar sands, oil shale, and coal are discussed. Copyright (C) by the American Chemical Society, 1974.