TITLE: Synthetic Fuels: Status and Directions. Volume 1. Sections 1-17.  Conference Proceedings.

INST.  AUTHOR: Electric Power Research Inst., Palo Alto, CA.

SPONSOR: Kernforschungsanlage Juelich G.m.b.H. (Germany, F.R.).


PUB.  TYPE: Technical Report

PUB.  COUNTRY: United States

SOURCE: Department of Energy [DEP],  May 81,  406p.

NOTES: Conference on synthetic fuels: status and directions, San Francisco, CA, USA, 13 Oct 1980.



This report contains the Proceedings of the Conference on Synthetic Fuels: Status and Directions. The Conference was cosponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute and the Juelich Nuclear Research Center (KFA) acting on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Research and Technology (BMFT). The papers represent the work of organizations in the United States, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Great Britain.  Perspectives on synthetic fuels by utility industry representatives and administrators of energy programs are also included. The conference was held in San Francisco, CA, October 13 to 16, 1980. Eighteen papers from Volume 1 have been entered individually into EDB and ERA, and three also into EAPA. (ERA citation 06:027241)

REPORT  NUMBER: EPRI-WS-79-238(V.1);   CONF-8010150-(VOL.1)