TITLE: Mass Transfer in Three-Phase Slurry Reactors.

AUTHOR: W. J. de Blok.

INST.  AUTHOR: Amsterdam Univ. (Netherlands).


PUB.  TYPE: Thesis

PUB.  COUNTRY: Netherlands

SOURCE: Foreign source - Netherlands [TFNPO],  1984,  150p.


NOTES: Doctoral thesis. Summary in Dutch.


The results are presented of an investigation into mass transfer in a three-phase slurry reactor. The work is related to gas-agitated slurry reactors in which the liquid is the continuous phase and the gas the dispersed phase. The gas flows upwards. The solid consists of catalyst on activated carbon particles, which are homogeneously dispersed in the liquid by the gas flow. For the design of slurry reactors, information is needed about: the hydrodynamic behavior of the slurry system; the kinetics of the reaction; the transport properties of the reaction system; the gas transport to the active sites of the catalyst particles. In the thesis it is demonstrated that it is possible to draw up rules for the design of commercial slurry reactors using information obtained from small-scale experiments relating to individual aspects from the list of four items given above. Appropriate combination of the pieces of information obtained lead to reliable design rules.