TITLE: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Coal Science and Technology for the Eighties Held at Central Fuel Research Institute, February 1-3, 1979.

INST.  AUTHOR: Central Fuel Research Inst., Dhanbad (India).


PUB.  TYPE: Technical Report


SOURCE: Foreign source - India [DFCC],  Dec 80,  590p.


The main purpose of this symposium was to highlight the developments in coal science and technology in India and elsewhere which are of relevance to the planning and growth of research and utilization program of this valuable asset, namely coal, consistent with other national endeavor. In India, substantial work has been done with regard to coal resources.  Technologies have been developed to utilize these resources by indigeneous knowhow and by modifying those available from outside. Much progress has been made and new developments have taken place in coal washing, coal carbonization and coal combustion. A total of 52 research papers were presented. The papers have been serially grouped under 6 heads, namely (i) Perspectives in Coal Usage, (ii) Coal Science, (iii) Non-fuel Uses of Coal, (iv) Processed Solid Fuels, (v) Combustion and Gasification, and (vi) Coal Liquefaction and Chemicals. The major thrust of this symposium was in area of coal gasification and liquefaction.