TITLE: Upgrader optimization: A new look at the regional upgrader with selected additions.

INST.  AUTHOR: Alberta Chamber of Resources Oil Sands Task Force, Edmonton; Alberta. Alberta Energy;   Canada. Energy, Mines & Resources Canada.


PUB.  TYPE: Technical Report


SOURCE: Other [$TFCAN],  1994,  173p.



This report examines a series of alternatives to improving bitumen upgrader economics through adding on-site processes, and in one case, by expanding the basic upgrader's capacity. The basic upgrader would convert Cold Lake and Athabasca bitumen to a premium synthetic crude oil, with all add-ons producing readily merchantable products. The expanded upgrader (90,000 barrels/day) would use three conversion, hydrogen production, and sulphur recovery trains, with other processes single-train. Proposed additions to the basic upgrader and evaluated in this report include a facility for converting natural gas to naphtha feedstock and hydrogen via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis; a sweet crude oil fractionator with production of 6,000 and 9,000 barrels/day of jet fuel and diesel fuel respectively; a full refining operation to produce gasoline; and an integrated series of add-ons (Fischer-Tropsch, fractionation, and diluent addition). For each case considered, the report provides technical details of the processes involved along with product yields and properties, capital cost estimates, and operating cost estimates. Cases are compared on a before-tax net present value basis, using a 10% discount factor over the 28-year life of the upgrader. Research and development factors and environmental factors related to the upgrader are also outlined.