TITLE: Analysis of a Process for Converting Biomass to Diesel Fuel.

AUTHOR: C. Benham;   M. Bohn.

INST.  AUTHOR: Solar Energy Research Inst., Golden, CO.

SPONSOR: Department of Energy, Washington, DC.


PUB.  TYPE: Technical Report

PUB.  COUNTRY: United States

SOURCE: Department of Energy [DE],  Oct 83,  96p.


This report presents a complete analysis of a specific process for converting agricultural residues into diesel fuel. The analysis includes a study of the feedstock resource and the market for diesel fuel, development of a process flow sheet based on detailed mass and energy balances, equipment and operating cost estimates, and economic anlayses based on the cost estimates. An indirect liquefaction process patterned after the Fischer-Tropsch process is used. In this case, coal is replaced by lignocellulosic materials such as wheat straw and corn stover, that become a source of carbon for the process. A high-temperature gasification or pyrolysis step is necessary to convert these carbonaceous feedstocks into the synthesis gas required in the Fischer-Tropsch process. Because the conversion process can utilize a very wide range of feedstocks (any carbonaceous material), it has many interesting potential applications.  These include agriculture, municipal solid waste, forestry, food processing, feedlot, peat, etc. 39 references, 26 figures, 10 tables. (ERA citation 09:009539)