TITLE: The Application of Gas Chromatography to the Analysis of Certain Hydrocarbon Fuels.

AUTHOR: R. C. Beers.

INST.  AUTHOR: Naval Postgraduate School Monterey Calif.


PUB.  TYPE: Thesis

PUB.  COUNTRY: United States

SOURCE: Department of Defense [DODXD],  May 66,  42p.


As part of an investigation of gas turbine regenerator fouling being conducted at the U. S. Naval Postgraduate School gas chromatography was used to compare and analyze certain hydrocarbon fuels. Because of the known relationship between fuel aromatricity and exhaust system fouling in gas turbine engines, particular emphasis was directed toward determination of the aromaticity of the fuels and of the particular aromatic compounds present. Fuels investigated included premium grade auto gasoline, aviation gasoline, several gas turbine fuels, and marine diesel fuel. Derivatives of cyclohexane and decahydronaphthalene were synthesized by hydrogenation of benzene and naphthalene derivatives with Raney nickel catalyst.  Numerous branched-chain paraffins were synthesized by hydroisomerization of n-olefins under alkylation conditions. These synthetic products were used as standards in the identification of components of the fuels. The fuels investigated were found to contain from 35 to over 200 components.  Component identification was from 30 to 60% complete. (Author)