TITLE: Liquefaction and Chemical Refining of Coal.

AUTHOR: A. Bearse;   D. Berry;   H. Feldmann;   J. Genco;   H. Grotta.

INST.  AUTHOR: Battelle Columbus Labs., OH.


PUB.  TYPE: Technical Report

PUB.  COUNTRY: United States

SOURCE: Other [BMI],  Jul 74,  118p.


This report discusses the current state of the art for the major processing operations which have been developed for the conversion of coal to clean liquid or solid fuels. These processing operations include (1) aqueous leaching processes, (2) solvent refining processes, (3) catalytic hydrogenation processes, (4) Fischer-Tropsch processes and related syntheses, and (5) pyrolytic or carbonization processes. Many of the specific processes within each of the major processing operations are discussed in this study. Data are presented for capital and operating costs of coal liquefaction and chemical refining plants. Flow diagrams are included for many of the specific processes described. Based on this discussion of the current state of the art in the major coal liquefaction processing operations, research and development needs for each of these operations are presented.