TITLE: Proceedings of the Second US Department of Energy Environmental Control Symposium. Volume 1. Fossil Energy.

INST.  AUTHOR: Argonne National Lab., IL.

SPONSOR: Department of Energy, Washington, DC.


PUB.  TYPE: Technical Report

PUB.  COUNTRY: United States

SOURCE: Department of Energy [DE],  Jun 80,  708p.

NOTES: DOE environmental control symposium, Reston, VA, USA, 17 Mar 1980.


These proceedings document the presentations given at the Second Environmental Control Symposium. Symposium presentations highlighted environmental control activities which span the entire DOE. Volume I contains papers relating to coal preparation, oil shales, coal combustion, advanced coal utilization (fluidized bed combustion, MHD generators, OCGT, fuel cells), coal gasification, coal liquefaction, and fossil resource extraction (enhanced recovery). Separate abstracts for individual papers are prepared for inclusion in the Energy Data Base. (ERA citation 06:010177)