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Chemical and Thermomagnetic Studies on Iron Catalysts for Synthesis of Hydrocarbons - 1949

H. Pichler
 H. Merkel

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Table of Contents 243kb

Section 1
Preface, by L. J. E. Hofer 1
Acknowledgments 2
Foreward, by L. J. E. Hofer 3
Introduction to carbides of iron and their physical and chemical properties 3
Cementite 6
Martensite 8
Austenite with dissolved carbon 8
Ferrite with dissolved carbon 8
Carbide of Brill and Mark 9
Carbide of Hofmann and Groll 9
Carbide of Tutiya 9
Carbide of Halle and Herbst 9
Carbide II of Pichler and Merkel 9
Carbide of Bahr and Jessen 10
Carbide of Hägg 11
Carbide of Jack 11
Cubic iron sesquioxide of LeClerc and Lefebvre 11
Carbide I of Pichler and Merkel 11
Carbide of Durand 12
Summary 12
Appendix 15
Section 2
Introduction 16
Review of literature 17
Heterogeneous catalysis 17
Fe-C-O system (excluding higher iron carbides) 19
Formation of higher carbides by action of carbon monoxide on iron 22
Thermomagnetic study on carburized iron 25
Summary 26
Section 3
Experimental part 28
Chemical study 28
Carburization of iron catalysts prior to medium-pressure synthesis 28
Methods and apparatus 28
Acid decomposition of iron catalysts carburized under various conditions 29
Methods and apparatus 29
Free carbon 30
Carbidic carbon 33
Oxygen content of carburized catalysts 37
Hydrogen reduction of a carburized-iron catalyst 40
Summary 40
Effect of Carburization of iron catalysts upon their activity during medium-pressure synthesis 40
Effect of carbidic carbon on activity of iron catalysts 40
Formation of free carbon on iron catalysts 45
Summary 47
Section 4
Thermomagnetic analysis 47
Description of magnetic balance 47
Preliminary experiments 50
Formation and stability of higher iron carbides 51
Carburization of iron catalysts for medium-pressure synthesis 58
Carburization of iron oxide 60
Carburization of an alkalized iron catalyst 62
Carburization of an alkalized iron catalyst containing copper 63
Section 5
Behavior of iron catalysts during hydrocarbon synthesis 71
Medium-pressure synthesis 71
Atmospheric-pressure synthesis 82
Effect of carbide content on catalyst activity 96
Summary 97
Section 6
Mechanism of the synthesis 98
Discussion of experimental results and summary 99
Indexes 101