R.I. 5956

Operating a Pressure-Gasification Pilot Plant Using Pulverized Coal and Oxygen
Effect of Heat Loss on Economy

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Section 1
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Description of pilot plant and the coal gasification process

Coals gasified
Sampling of gases and residues produced during gasification
Experimental plan
Method of calculating results
Section 2
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Accuracy of results
Flow measurement of reactants and product gas
Calculations and graphs 
Results--discussion and analysis
Effect of changes in operating conditions on essential variables in the process
Oxygen and coal requirement
Evaluation of fraction of heat loss equivalent to decrease in CO + H2 in product gas
Optimum capacity of the gasifier
Estimation of oxygen and coal requirements at lower levels of heat loss
Determination of temperature of gas from the gasifier
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Appendix A. -- Method of calculating results
Appendix B. -- Determination of fraction of heat loss equivalent to CO + H2
Appendix C. -- Derivation of slopes of curves showing change in coal and oxygen requirements with change in heat loss
Appendix D. -- Mathematical derivation of values for optimum capacity of the gasifier
Appendix E. -- Calculation of exit-gas temperatures