R. I. 5118

Synthetic Liquid Fuels, Annual Report of the Secretary of Interior for 1954, Part 1. - Oil from Coal - 1955

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Section 1
Introduction i

Part I - Oil From Coal

Section 2
Research and Development, Coal to Oil Laboratories and Pilot Plants, Bruceton, Pa 1
Synthesis of liquid fuels from hydrogen and carbon monoxide 1
Process development 1
Pilot-plant operations 1
Oil-circulation process 1
Removal of carbon dioxide from synthesis gas 2
Bench-scale experiments 5
Catalyst-oil slurry process 5
Catalyst-testing studies 6
Steel-lathe turnings 6
Multiple oxidations and effect of oxidation temperature 6
Composition tests 6
Pretreatment of steel turnings 6
Fused promoted magnetite 7
Boriding studies 7
Steel-wool catalyst 9
Metal hydrocarbonyls 9
Section 3
Synthesis of liquid fuels by hydrogenation of coal 10
High-temperature coal hydrogenation 10
Structure of coal 13
Preparation of coallike chars 13
Infrared spectra 15
X-ray diffraction 16
Solubility of polycyclic compounds in coal solvents 16
Microbial degradation of carbonaceous matter 17
Kinetics of steam-carbon and carbon dioxide-carbon reactions at high temperatures 17
Analytical methods 17
Section 4
Separation and identification of Fischer-Tropsch products 19
Structural group analysis applied to coal-hydrogenation oils 19
Mass spectra of alcohols and ketones 19
Mass spectra of oxides of nitrogen 19
Synthesis gas from coal pilot plants, Morgantown, W. Va. 23
Experimental development of processes for producing synthesis gas from coal 23
Atmospheric-pressure gasifier 23
Section 5
High-pressure gasification pilot plant 30
Projected experimental program 32
Investigations of coal-feeding methods 37
Section 6
Oxygen plant and coal-preparation facilities 40
Gas purification 40
Analytical methods 40
Bench-scale experiments 45
Pilot-plant operation 46
Laboratory-scale research - exploratory studies 48
Kinetic study of steam-carbon reaction 48
Section 7
Effect of oxygen 51
Effects of particle size and adsorption surface areas 52
Suspension of coal in steam 52
Sorption and recovery of oxygen from air 56
Engineering studies 59
High-ratio centrifugal compressor 59
Nuclear energy for production of synthesis gas 59
Section 8
New Morgantown Experiment Station 60
Section 9
Underground gasification project, Gorgas, Ala. 67
Preparation of injection well 68
Hydrafrac application 69
Evaluation of Hydrafrac treatment 69
Appendix.  Bibliography of papers and reports presented and published in 1954 71