R. I. 4940

Gasification of Lignite in a Commercial-Scale Pilot Plant - 1953

A. C. Burr1/
J. C. Holtz2/
A. W. Koth3/
W. H. Oppelt4/

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Section 1
Summary 1
Acknowledgments 2
Objectives of tests 2
General 2
Specific 2
Description of commercial-scale pilot plant 3
General 3
Flow diagram and description of operations 3
The retort unit 3
Fuel-handling equipment 4
Fuel-charging mechanism 5
Char discharge and blow-over dust receiver 5
Recuperator 5
Instrumentation and methods of obtaining data 6
Section 2
Method of test 7
Accuracy of results 7
Results of tests 8
General 8
Lignite tested 9
Operating results 10
Analyses of product gas 11
Analyses of char 11
Discussion of results 12
Operating results 12
Hydrogen-carbon monoxide ratio 13
Hydrogen 14
Heat and material balances 14
Rates and heat transfer 17
Behavior of retort tubes 17
General 17
Spray-coated retort tube 17
Section 3
Alloy-clad retort tube 17
Cast-alloy retort tube 19
Flame guard 19
Inner retort tube 20
Flow of lignite in simulated annulus 20
Conclusions 20
Literature cited 22
Appendix 22

1/  Chief, Fuels Technology Division, Region V, Bureau of Mines, Grand Forks, N. Dak.

2/  Chief, Chemistry and Physics Section, Lignite Branch, Bureau of Mines, Grand Forks, N. Dak.

3/  Head, Dept. of Mining Engineering and Professor of Metallurgy, University of North Dakota, and consultant chemical engineer.

4/ Chief, Utilization Section, Lignite Branch, Bureau of Mines, Grand Forks, N. Dak.