R.I. 4699

Organic Sulfur in Synthesis Gas: Occurrence, Determination, and Removal

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Section 1
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Summary and conclusions
Occurrence of organic sulfur
Organic sulfur contents of gas produced
Determination of organic sulfur
Combustion methods

Referees' method

I. G .T. Burner
Section 2
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Rogers and Baldaste method 

Turbidimetric determination of sulfate
Spectrophotometric determination of barium sulfate
Miscellaneous methods for determining sulfate
Section 3
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Catalytic conversion to hydrogen sulfide
Method of Field and Oldach
Platinum-spiral method
Removal of organic sulfur
Section 4
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Catalytic removal studies at Morgantown
Methods and apparatus
Section 5
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Conversion of organic sulfur in the presence of hydrogen sulfide
Cobalt molybdate catalyst; platinized-alumina catalyst
Simultaneous removal of organic sulfur and hydrogen sulfide (Huff catalysts)
Section 6
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Preparation of catalysts
Section 7
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Simultaneous removal of hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfur by nickel catalysts
Alkalized iron for removing organic sulfur
Removal of organic sulfur by activated carbon
Removal of thiophene by activated carbon
Removal of carbonyl sulfide by activated carbon
Morgantown gas-purification pilot plant