R. I. 4467

June 1949

Some Chemicals From Synthetic Liquid Fuels Processes

By Norma Golumbic

Cover Page


Section 1
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Uses of chemicals from synthetic liquid fuels processes
Products from catalytic hydrogenation of carbon monoxide
German commercial operation
United States pilot-plant developments
Section 2
1265kb pdf
Effect of variables upon products
Hydrogen : carbon monoxide ratio
Description of processes related to Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Section 3
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Properties and uses of products
Primary products
Hydrocarbons from Fischer-Tropch process
By-product oxygenated compounds from Fischer-Tropsch process
Oxygenated compounds from related processes
Secondary products

Use of gasol fraction

Use of liquid hydrocarbon fraction
Use of solid paraffin fraction
Section 4
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Products from hydrogenation of coal

Results of bureau of Mines assays of typical United States coals

Assay procedure
Characterization of assay oils
Summary of data for 13 coals assayed

Effect of rank

Effect of operating variables
Results of special analyses on products from certain typical coals

Properties of selected overhead oils

Tar acids and tar bases
Neutral oil
Heavy (recycle) oil
Section 5
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Products from the hydrogenation of Bruceton coal

Products from assay tests

Oil from low-pressure hydrogenation
Light oil

Tar acid fraction

Tar base fraction
Neutral oil fraction

Aromatic fraction

Paraffin-naphthene fraction
Section 6
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Heavy oil
Products from hexane-soluble fraction of H.O.L.D. from high-pressure hydrogenation
Tar acid fraction
Comparison of results