R. I. 4128

Gasification of Lignite and Subbituminous Coal, Progress Report for 1945-46 1- 1947

V. F. Parry2
D. C. Gernes3
E. O. Wagner4
J. B. Goodman4
A. W. Koth5

Cover Page

Table of Contents 201kb

Section 1
Introduction 4
Acknowledgments 5
Summary abstract 6
Conclusions 7
Description of the Grand Forks pilot plant 8
Plant site 8
Progress of construction of the plant 8
Section 2
Retort building and shop 9
Chemical laboratory and services 9
Flow diagram and description of operations 9
The retort unit 11
Instrumentation and method of obtaining data 13
Section 3
The steam drying unit 14
Description of the Golden pilot plant 15
Objective and description of tests 15
Summary of runs at Grand Forks 17
Section 4
Summary of runs at Golden 19
Experimental and observed data 20
Coals tested 20
Operating data 24
Section 5
Properties of chars and dusts 35
Analyses of make gases 43
Section 6
Analyses of gases in upper and lower annuli 49
Analysis and discussion of tests and experimental data 49
Process of distillation and gasification 49
Comparison of performance of the pilot plants 57
Section 7
Heat balances and rates of heat transfer 60
Operating problems 66
Coal handling and charging 66
Char discharging 66
Gas cooling and scrubbing 67
Gas generation and retort changes 67

1 The Bureau of Mines will welcome reprinting of this paper, provided the following footnote acknowledgment is used:  "Reprinted from Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations 4128."

2  Fuel technologist, supervising engineer, Subbituminous Coal and Lignite Section, Bureau of Mines, Golden, Colo.

3  Formerly chemical engineer, Bureau of Mines, Grand Forks, N. Dak.

4  Chemical engineer, Bureau of Mines, Golden, Colo.

5  Chemical engineer, Bureau of Mines, Grand Forks, N. Dak.