I.C. 7376

Interrogation of Dr. Pier and Staff - I.G. Farbenindustrie A.G., Ludwigshafen and Oppau, Supplement II - 1946

Faragher, W.F.
Horne, W.A.

Table of Contents 377kb

Section 1
Forward i
I. Introduction 1
II. Synthesis of hydrocarbons from water gas, Michael process 1
A. Fixed-bed circulating gas process (Michael) 1
Reaction data 2
Catalyst 2
Composition of product 3
Oxygenated products in the water 4
B. The foam process (Michael) 4
Apparatus 4
Reaction data 5
Catalyst 5
Product 5
Utilization of product 5
Large-scale experiment 6
C. Iron Catalyst in tubular reactors (Michael) 6
Section 2
D. Iron catalysts in the fixed-bed, oil circulation process (Duftschmid) 7
III. Toluene production 7
A. Double DHD process (Donath) 8
B. Sulfur dioxide - propane extraction of DHD naphtha (Donath) 8
IV. Oxidation process 9
A. Fatty-acid production (Schiller and Kürzinger) 9
Paraffin for oxidation 9
Oxidation 9
Saponification 10
Hydrolysis and distillation 10
B. Methane-oxygen process (Schiller, Koch, and Bartholomè) 10
C. Production of hydrogen peroxide by propane oxidation  (Bartholomè) 13
D. Production of acetylene by oxidation of ethane (Sachsse) 14
V. Polymerization and condensation process 14
A. Oppanol. B (Güterbock and Schwarz) 14
B. Isobutylene dimerization (Kuhn) 15
Section 3
C. Lupolen H (Hopff and Schwarz) 16
D. Paraflow (Christmann) 16
E. Bunol (Steinhofer) 17
F. Buna D (Herbeck) 17
G. Production of Koresin (Christ) 17
VI. Chlorination processes 18
A. Preparation of Alkyl dichlorides (Leutner) 18
B. Preparation of butadiene from butylene (Leutner) 18
C. Preparation of butadiene from butane (Weldmann) 19
VII. Miscellaneous process and products 20
A. Hydrogenation of butadiene in butylene (Conrad) 20
B. Kybol (Walmann) 23
Section 4
C. Tannol (Kuhn) 23
D. Vannol HS (Lorenz) 23
E. Diolefins from olefins and formaldehyde (Buoren) 24
F. Preparation of allyl alcohol (Klein) 25
G. Methacryl mitrile (Lorenz) 25
VIII. Spectrographic studies 26
A. Research (Fromherz) 26
B. Equipment (Luft) 27