I.C. 6075

Recent Developments in the Production of Motor Fuels From Coal - 1928

Fieldner, A.C.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Supplementary Sources of Motor Fuel

    1. Motor benzol from coke and gas works

    2. Low-temperature carbonization

    3. Gasoline from oil-shale

    4. Primary sources of motor fuel from coal

    5. The Bergius process

  3. The Bergius process

    1. Theory of Process

    2. Influence of Temperature and Time

    3. Influence of Dispersing Medium

    4. Suitability of Various Types of Coal for Liquefaction

    5. Hydrogenation of Low Temperature Coke

    6. Distribution of Oxygen of Coal in Berginization Products

    7. Distribution of Nitrogen of Coal in Products

    8. Sulfur Distribution in Products

    9. Gas Yields in Berginization Process

    10. Continuous Process on Semi-Commercial Scale

    11. Products of Berginization

    12. Effects of Catalysts

    13. Large Scale Commercial Apparatus

    14. Source of Hydrogen Required in Process

    15. Expenditures on the Development of the Bergius Process

    16. Cost of Process

    17. Recent Developments on Coal Liquefaction by the I.G.

  4. Synthetic Fuels from Water Gas

    1. Historical

    2. The Hydrocarbon Process

    3. Life and Regeneration of Catalysts

    4. Optimum Temperature of Reaction

    5. Gas Velocity

    6. Products and Yields

    7. Work of Elvins and Nash

    8. Fischer and Tropsch's Recent Work

    9. Bureau of Mines Work

  5. Conclusions