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Bureau of Mines Translations

Series K

Tran. No. Title of Report Other Designation Location
K-1 Extracts from Reports Work on Synthesis, September 30, 1940 to September 30, 1941. FIAT 117X:3326-3328
PB 82,011
K-3 Hydrogenation Gasolines: Effects of Raw Materials, Catalysts, and Operating Procedures.  Matthias Pier.   TOM 279: 242-265
K-4 Development of the Technique of Hydrogenation of Solid Fuels and of their By-Products.  Louis Thibaut.    B8-28, B11-11

TOM 279: 266-318

K-5 The Effect of Highly Compressed Hydrogen upon Unalloyed Steel.  Freidrich Karl Naumann.     TOM 279: 280-318
K-6 The Effect of Alloying Additions on the Resistance of Steel to Hydrogen under High Pressure. Friedrich Karl Naumann.   TOM 279: 319-363
K-7 The Reaction Mechanism of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis. Herbert Koelbel and Friedrich Engelhardt.    
K-8 The Synol Process: A New Synthesis of Aliphatic Alcohols.  Wilhelm Wenzel.    
K-9 High Pressure Containers for the Chemical Industry.  Prof. Siebel and Dr. S. Swaigerer.    
K-10 Hydrogenation of Carbon Monoxide in a Liquid Medium.  H. Koelbel and P. Ackermann.    
K-12 Contribution of Graphical Calculus to Pressure Losses in High-Pressure Lines.  C. Dutoit.    
K-13 Production of Phenol and Cresols from Bituminous Coal.  Dr. E. Moerhrle and Dr. F. Bauerfeld.    
K-14 Water Gas Equilibrium and Its Relation to Gasification Processes.  Wolfram Fritsche.    
K-15 Can the World Petroleum Production be Calculated? Dr. G. Brennich.    
K-16 The Rate of Reduction of Iron Ores in a Gas Stream.  Hans Heinz Meyer.    
K-17 Azeotropic Mixtures of Pyridine Bases and Phenol Acids.  W. Mathes.    
K-18 A Water Gas Diagram.  W. Terbeck.    
K-19 Gaseous Hydrocarbons in Oil Hydrogenation.  Matthias Pier.    
K-20 The Status of the Present Knowledge on the Production and Composition of Concentrated Aromatic Extracts from Mineral Oils Obtained by Selective Solution.  Ernest Terres.    
K-21 Hydrogenation Plants Used by the German Peteroleum Industry.  Nedelmann.    
K-22 Pure Branched Benzenes and their Isomerization Equilibria.  Herbert Koch and Hans van Bray (?)    
K-23 Fuel Gasification Processes and their Expression in the Terbeck Dieagram.  Paul Dolch.   B8-29
K-24 Synthesis of Hydrocarbons and Oxygenated Compounds from Water and Carbon Monoxide.   B8-30
K-25 Industrial Hydrogenation of Carbon Monoxide.   B8-31
K-26 Dehydration and Upgrading of Peat and Lignite.   B8-32
K-27 Purification of Hydrogen Used in Ammonia Synthesis by Removing Hydrogen Sulfide with Activated Charcoal.   B8-33
K-28 Adsorption of Methane on Charcoal.   B8-34
K-29 New Methods of Lean Gas Production from Bituminous Coal.   B8-35
K-30 Arrangement for the Pressure Hydrogenation of Carbonaceous Materials. (A patent for arrangement of reaction vessels.)   B8-36
K-31 Composition and Reactions of Hydrocarbons in Low-Temperature Carbonization Tars.   B8-37
K-32 Petroleum in the Siberian Arctic Region.   B8-38
K-33 The Oxygen Slagging Generator.   B8-39
K-34 Industrial and Economic Prospects of Carbon Monoxide Hydrogenation.   B8-40
K-35 New Ideas in Processing Low-Temperature Carbonization Tars.   B8-41
K-36 On the Gas Formation in Gas Producers.   B9-1
K-37 The Panindco Gasifier.   B9-2
K-38 Fundamental Data on Carbon Combustion.   B9-3
K-39 Chemical Energetics of Utilization of Solid Fuel.   B9-4
K-40 The Effect of Inorganic Materials During the Formation of Solid Fuels.   B9-5
K-41 Gas from Non-Coking Coals.   B9-6
K-42 Contribution to the Study of Chemical and Physical Processes During Thermal Treatment of Crude Peats   B9-7
K-43 Studies of Identification of Phenols in Bituminous Coal-Low-Temperature Carbonization Tar.   B9-8
K-45 Powdered Fuel Gasification by the "Panindco" Process.   B9-9
K-46 Discussion of Particle Motion in a Gas Stream   B9-10
K-47 Heat Emission in Boiler Fireboxes.   B9-11
K-48 Composition of Industrial Tar Oils.   B9-12
K-49 Phenol Elimination from Industrial Aqueous Effluents.   B9-13