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Bureau of Mines Translations

Series L

Trans. No. Title of Report: Other Designation: Location:
L-1 High Pressure Valves.   B9-14
L-2 Comments by Bredtschneider on Needle Valve F-1728.   B9-15
L-3 Vapor Phase Converters.   B9-16
L-4 Comments on 130 Ton Gantry Crane Star Iron and Steel Company, Dwg. 6676.   B9-17
L-5 Operating Directions for the High Pressure Equipment.   B9-18
L-6 Comments on Liquid Phase Converter.   B9-19
L-7 Comments on Hot Catchpot.   B9-20
L-11 Description of an Expansion Engine.   B9-21
L-12 Suggestions for Installing Lens Gaskets in High Pressure Pipe Lines.   B9-22
L-13 Comments on Repair Shop, Repair Pit, and Stall Crane at Louisiana.   B9-23
L-15 Lenses Proposed for Louisiana.   B9-24
L-16 Methane-Steam Reaction at High Pressure.   B9-25
L-17 Bid on 200+/day L. T. C. and Lurgi Plant for Japan.   B9-26
L-19 Gasification of Union Briquettes in Pintsch-Hillebrand Generator.   B9-27
L-20 L. T. C. of Bituminous Coal.   B9-28
L-21 Flowsheet for 240,000 t/ann. DHD Gasoline.   B9-29
L-33A Suggestions for the Preparation of Coal Paste.   B9-30
L-35 Bredtschneider's Comments on Dwg.-1082-1 with Sketch EDS 159.   B9-31
L-36 Bredtschneider's Comments on Heat Exchangers.   B9-32
L-37 Bredtschneider's Comments on Diaphragm Valves.   B9-33
L-38 Connections in the Coal Stall of the Large Size Installations and the Heat Efficiency.   B9-34
L-39 Gas Purification by Means of Deep Temperature.   B9-35
L-40 Bredtschneider's Comments on Cold Gas Connections to H. P. Vessels.   B9-36
L-41 Study of Pressure Drop in the Coal Stall of the Large Installation.    
L-42 High Pressure Viscosimeter by K. Bredtschneider.   B9-37
L-43 Oxygen Plant.   B9-38
L-44 Calculations for the Decision Whether the German Heat Exchangers with 199 Tubes can be Adapted to 30,000 BBL/day installation or will have to be increased.   B9-39
L-45 Low Temperature Purification Plant   B9-40
L-46 Laying out the Preheater with Regard to Starting.   B9-41
L-47 Moisture of Air.   B9-42
L-48 Operating Directions for the Linde-Fränkl Oxygen Plant.   B9-43
L-49 Ball Heater as Water Gas Generator.   B9-44
L-50 Letter: Re. Equipment of 1/2 Coke Oven-Water Gas.   B9-45
L-51 Coal Science.   B9-46
L-52 Layout of the Heat Exchangers of the 30,000 BBL-Plant   B9-47
L-53 Letdown in Stages of the CO2 Scrubbing Water.   B9-48
L-54 Linde Separation of the Off-Gas of the 30,000 BBL/Day Coal Hydrogenation Plant.   B9-49
L-55 Heat Computations of the Stalls for the Production of 10,000 BBL/Day of Fuel Oil Filtrate.   B9-50
L-56 A Comparison of Heat Utilization in Radiation and Convection Preheaters of a Coal Stall.   B9-51
L-57 30,000 BBL/Day Hydrogenation Plant.   B10-1
L-57A 30,000 BBL/Day Hydrogenation Plant on the Basis of Recalculated Weights of a Converter.   B10-2
L-58 A Cost Estimate of a Liquid Phase Product Cooler for a 30,000 BBL/Day Plant is to be Based on the following Dimensions and Weights.   B10-3
L-59 Data for the Cost Estimation of the Liquid and Vapor Phase High Pressure Coolers.   B10-4
L-60 Laying Out the Preheater of the Vapor Phase Stall of the 30,000 BBL/Day Plant with Reference to Starting.   B10-5
L-61 H.O.L.D. Coolers (Steam Generators) for 30,000 BBL/Day Plant.   B10-6
L-62 Remarks on the High Pressure Coolers of the 30,000 BBL/Day Installation.   B10-7
L-63 Hydrogenation of Middle Oil, or Status of the Recent Research Work on Hydrogenation with a Fixed Catalyst at 700 Atmospheres.   B10-8
L-64 The Linde Installation for 30,000 BBL/Day Project.   B10-9
L-65 Liquid Phase Preheaters for the 30,000 BBL/Day Installation.   B10-10
L-66 Power Consumption in the CO2 Scrubbing Plant at Various Pressures.   B10-11
L-67 Proposal for Using Product Coolers of the Tube and Shell Type for Large-Scale Hydrogenation Plants.    


Suggested Arrangement of Hairpins in Convection Type Liquid Phase Preheater for the 30,000 BBL/Day Installation.   B10-12
L-69 Emergency Let-Down Tower of the Liquid Phase of the 30,000 BBL/Day Installation.   B10-13
L-70 Capital Requirements for a 700 Atm. Liquid and Vapor Phase Hydrogenation Installation for the Conversion of 430,000 Ton Dry Raw Coal into 220,000 Ton Motor Gasoline per Year.   B10-14
L-71 Assumed Hydrogenation Behavior of Various Coals.   B10-15
L-72 Fuel Oil Production.   B10-16
L-73 Instructions for Opening and Closing the Hot Catchpot, Dwg. D-1007-2.   B10-17
L-74 Instructions for the Assembly and Disassembly of the Vapor Phase Converter, DWG. D-1080-1.   B10-18
L-75 Measuring the Pressure Drop of All the Apparatus in a Stall by Means of Low Pressure Measuring Equipment.   B10-19
L-76 Instructions for the Assembly and Dismantling of the Liquid Phase Converter, DWG. D-1002.   B10-20
L-77 The Composition of the Fractions of the Linde Gas Separation Plant (30,000 BBL/Day).   B10-21
L-78 Determination of the Coal Conversion in the Liquid Phase of the High Pressure Hydrogenation.   P10-22
L-79 Determining the Flywheel of Bredtschneider's Pressure Expansion Engine.   B10-23
L-80 Assumed Hydrogenation Behavior of Coals II.   B10-24
L-81 Product Balance in the Liquid Phase Stall of the High Pressure Coal Hydrogenation.   B10-25
L-82 The Compressibility Factor of the Circulation Gas of the Liquid and Vapor Phase.   B10-26
L-83 Simple Aid in the Determination of the Mean Log Temperature Difference Limited.   B10-27
L-84 Measurements of the Level in the Hot Catchpot of the Liquid Phase.   B10-28
L-85 Nomogram for the Computation of Milking Problems in the Preparation of Coal Paste.   B10-29
L-86 Erosion in the Preheater of the Liquid Phase Demonstration Plant.   B10-30
L-87 Abstract.   B10-31
L-88 Principles of Pressure Expansion in Measuring Apparatus and Other Small Parts of High Pressure Equipment in Operation with Reference to Drawing D-1311.   B10-32
L-89 Start-up Plan and Schedule of the Hydrogenation Demonstration Plant, Louisiana, Missouri.   B10-33
L-90 Temperature Indicating Points for the Control of the Converter Wall Temperatures.   B10-34
L-92 Recording Indicators for the Amount of H.O.L.D. in the Liquid Phase.   B10-35
L-95 Proposed Patent Application for an Expansion Engine.   B10-36
L-96 Temperature Measurement in the High Pressure Stalls by Means of Thermocouples Welded in Tubes.   B10-37