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Bulletin 614

Kinetics of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis on Iron Catalysts From Coal

Cover Page


300 kb pdf Abstract 
Section 1
585kb pdf
Interpretation of kinetic experiments in a flow system
Catalyst composition and pretreatment
Synthesis tests
Section 2
752kb pdf
Kinetics of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on iron catalysts
Effect of space velocity, feed composition, and temperature
Pressure dependence of rate
Section 3
2208kb pdf
Effect of variables of operation selectivity
Effect of water vapor, carbon dioxide, ethane, and argon  on rate
A semifundamental rate equation for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on iron catalysts
Section 4
1629kb pdf
Rate as a function of catalyst geometry
Effect of particle size, temperature of reduction, and extent of reduction
Application of a modified Wheeler equation
Section 5
811kb pdf
List of references
Appendix--Synthesis tests on iron catalysts at pressures up to 103 atmospheres