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Synthetic Liquid Fuels Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior for 1955 Part 1 Oil from Coal

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Part I - Oil From Coal

Section 1
1803kb pdf
Coal-to-Oil Laboratories and Pilot Plants, Bruceton, Pa.
Synthesis of liquid fuels from hydrogen and carbon monoxide
Process development
Pilot-plant operations
Oil-circulation test with nitrided-iron catalyst
Hot carbonate process for purifying synthesis gas
Bench-scale experiments
Catalyst-oil slurry process
Catalyst-testing studies
Steel turnings
Fused, promoted magnetite
Particle size
Temperature of reduction
Extent of reduction
Steel-wool catalyst
Sulfur poisoning of Fischer-Tropsch catalysts
Separation and identification of Fischer-Tropsch products
Gas chromatography
Analysis of alcohols
Mass spectra of acetal-type compounds
Chemistry of metal carbonyls
Spectra and structures of cobalt carbonyls

Iron carbonyls and their derivatives

Section 2
2472kb pdf
Synthesis of liquid fuels by hydrogenation of coal
High-temperature coal hydrogenation
Coal-hydrogenation autoclave studies
Hydrocarbonization of coal
Structure of coal
Microbial degradation of carbonaceous matter
Formation of bituminous materials
A new reducing system for organic compounds: Lithium in ethylenediamine
Determination of optical activity in coal-hydrogenation oils
X-ray diffraction studies on coal
Coal-to-Gas Laboratories and Pilot Plants, Morgantown, W. Va
Results with atmospheric-pressure gasifier
Section 3
1956kb pdf
Gas purification
Analytical methods
Bench-scale experiments
Nuclear heat for coal gasification
Engineering studies and cost estimates
Gasification with hydrogen
Kinetic study of steam-carbon reaction
Effects of particle size
High-temperature kinetics reactor
Flashing Coal-water slurries in heated coils
Variables in preparing suspensions of micronized coal in steam
Gasification of coal-water slurries without oxygen
Sorption and recovery of oxygen from air
Section 4
422kb pdf
Underground Gasification Project, Gorgas, Ala.
Evaluation of hydraulic fracturing
Gasification operation
Appendix.  Bibliography of papers and reports presented and published in 1955