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Synthetic Liquid Fuels Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior for 1952 Part 1 - Oil From Coal     

Cover Page

Contents 860kb pdf

Introduction 2144kb pdf

PART I - Oil from Coal

Section 1
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Processing, Synthetic Fuels Demonstration Plant, Louisiana, Mo
Coal-Hydrogenation Demonstration Plant
Liquid-phase run 8 (Lake DeSmet coal)
Liquid-phase run 9 (Pittsburgh-seam coal)
Section 2
1507kb pdf
1952 plant improvements and future program
Section 3
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Comparative evaluation of hydrogenation of two typical midwestern coals, Western Kentucky and Illinois No. 6
Gas-Synthesis Demonstration Plant
Coal gasification

Operation of the oxygen plant

Operation of the Kerpely producer
Operation of the purification unit
Theoretical studies of coal gasification
Future plans
Catalyst fusion and reduction
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and distillation
Section 4
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Synthesis run 2
Synthesis run 3
Future plans
Engineering and economic studies for commercial-size operations
Coal preparation
Ammonia from coal versus natural gas
Section 5
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30-ton-per hour coal-hydrogenation plant
10,000-barrel-per-day gas-synthesis plant
General description of process
Description of process by sections
Coal preparation, feeding, and gasification
Oxygen plant
Purification of synthesis gas
Recovery of sulfur
Scrubbing recycle CO2
Synthesis catalyst plant
Distillation and light ends recovery
Catalytic reforming
Poly plant
Catalytic-cracking unit
Power-plant operation
Section 6
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Research and development, Coal-to-Oil Laboratories and Pilot Plants, Bruceton and Pittsburgh, Pa.
Synthesis of liquid fuels from hydrogen and carbon monoxide (Fischer-Tropsch and related processes)
Process development
Pilot-plant operations
Synthesis experiments
Purification of synthesis gas
Bench-scale experiments
Catalyst-oil slurry process
Fixed-bed-activity tests
Mechanism of the synthesis
Composition of catalyst and of synthesis gas
Role of promoters
Behavior of carbides
Section 7
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Effect of water vapor
Reactions of synthesis gas in the presence of metal carbonyls
Cobalt hydrocarbonyl
Homologation of alcohols
Refining synthesis products
Synthesis of liquid fuels by hydrogenation of coal
Process development
Fluidized hydrogenation
Coal assaying
Coking of heavy-oil let-down (H.O.L.D.)
Development of vapor-phase catalyst
Refining shale oil
Kinetics of hydrogenation
Effect of organic compounds
Pressure dependence of hydrogenation
Formation of oxygenated compounds
Characterization and separation of products
Section 8
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Direct determination of oxygen
Tar acids and bases
High-pressure instrumentation

High-pressure connections

High-pressure, low-volume pump
Sensitive pressure controller
High-pressure flow-meter assembly
Quick-opening product receiver
Technical publications
Section 9
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Research and development, Synthesis-Gas Pilot Plants, Morgantown, W. Va., and field tests, Gorgas, Ala.
Experimental development of processes for producing synthesis gas from coal
Pulverized-coal -gasification pilot plant, Morgantown, W. Va.
Atmospheric-pressure gasifier
High-pressure gasifier
Oxygen plant
Coal preparation and handling equipment
Pneumatic transportation of coal by pipeline
Steam-oxygen superheater
Section 10
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Coal-preheating tests
Laboratory-scale experimentation
Process design and cost studies
Gas Purification
Analytical methods
Bench-scale experiments
Operation of pilot plant
Proposed pressure gasifier on pilot-plant scale
Section 11
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New Mortgantown Experiment Station
Underground gasification project, Gorgas, Ala
First International Conference on Underground Gasification of Coal
Appendix.  Bibliography of papers and reports presented or published in 1952