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Synthetic Liquid Fuels Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior for 1951 Part II.-Oil From Oil Shale

Cover Page




Section 1
2849kb pdf
Mining, Oil-Shale Experimental Mine, Rifle, Colo.
Oil-Shale resources
Selective Mine
Underground Quarry
Section 2
1710kb pdf
Mining research
Section 3
2113kb pdf
Estimated cost for commercial mining
Processing, Oil-Shale Demonstration Plant, Rifle, Colo.
Pilot-plant activities
Gas-combustion process
Description of pilot plant
Section 4
1221kb pdf
Control  of mist formation
Evaluation run
Gas-air mixer studies
Oil-recovery studies
Intermediate-size pilot plant
Gas-flow process
Miscellaneous studies
Pressure-drop tests
Sampling raw shale
Refining program
Section 5
2011kb pdf
Crushing, conveying, and storage of oil shale
Demonstration retorting plant
Demonstration shale-oil refinery
Thermal operations
Recycle cracking
Section 6
1839kb pdf
Viscosity breaking
Treatment of products
Diesel fuel
Byproduct studies
Road materials
Tar acids and tar bases
Future refining studies
Cooperative agreements
Industry-scale oil-shale project
Section 7
1369kb pdf
Case I - Oil-shale processing with thermal refining
Case II - Oil-shale processing with mild hydrogenation
Cost estimate
Section 8
1694kb pdf
Plant service laboratory
Oil-shale assays
Analyses of crude shale oil
Development of methods
Process studies
Laboratory facilities
Functions and facilities other than mining and processing
Design, construction, and maintenance
Health and safety
Section 9
1375kb pdf
Research and Development, Petroleum and Oil-Shale Experiment Station, Laramie, Wyo.
Oil-shale retorting research
Entrained-solids retort
Products from high-temperature retorting
Shale-oil refining research
Properties of thermally cracked gasoline
Hydrotreating of heavy naphtha
Section 10
1930kb pdf
Acid-treating shale-oil naphtha
Solvent extraction
Catalytic cracking
Characteristics of asphaltic residuums from shale oil
Oil-shale research and analysis
Assays and miscellaneous analyses
Section 11
2369kb pdf
Characteristics of organic material in Colorado oil shale
Shale-oil research and analysis
Oils from high-temperature retorting
Primary N-T-U naphtha
N-T-U gas-oil fraction
Development of analytical methods
Byproduct-utilization research
Separation of paraffin and olefin waxes
Tar acids
Tar bases
225kb pdf Appendix.  Bibliography of papers and reports presented or published in 1951